5 tips to respect nature while visiting new places

Pine MArten
A pine marten (Martes americana) watches from a tree.
Photo by Jillian Cooper / Getty Images

The open road and mountain bikes on a roof rack. A long-line at the airport. Beach bag and book. Whatever your summer adventure plans, respecting wildlife and natural spaces can easily be achieved with these simple tips:

1 It’s someone’s home. Urban parks, remote wilderness, and everywhere in between is home to multiple interacting species of wildlife. Remind yourself and your travelling companions of this simple tenet to help inform good choices while appreciating your destination.

2 Take nothing, leave nothing. The classic outdoors motto remains a vital one for all outdoor adventures. Utilize reusable cutlery, packaging, outdoor gear, and have a way to take any garbage you may bring with you when you leave.

3 Give wildlife space. The want for an encounter with wildlife is understandable, particularly when in a beautiful locale. But interacting with wildlife can lead to significant consequences for people and animals. If you’d like to see wildlife, ensure you take binoculars or a telephoto camera lens so you can keep your distance.

4Never feed. Providing food to animals changes their behaviour. Many species will learn to approach people for food with time, even if they’re not the ones being directly fed, and this will lead to negative encounters with people or pets. Learn more about the impact of wildlife feeding in our Issues section by clicking here.

5 Respect boundaries. Trails and parks may be closed due to landscape safety concerns, wildlife activity, or to protect new/at-risk plants. National and Provincial Parks post rules on when it’s unsafe or illegal to stop vehicles on roadsides. Fire bans are in place because of risk that can become catastrophic. Follow the rules posted to keep everyone – including yourself, companions, pets, and wildlife, safe.

Enjoy your summer destinations and adventures, stay safe, and let us know if you learn something new about wildlife! Email us at info@TheFurBearers.com or find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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