ACTION ALERT: Alberta government must allow experts to assist injured bear cub

Alberta government must allow experts to assist injured bear cub

An injured bear cub is suffering needlessly outside of Calgary because government policy won’t allow for humane action, and that needs to change.

Animal lovers are devastated at the sad story of the cub, who has remained in one general area for multiple weeks, apparently orphaned and with an unspecified injury to his backend. and an injury to his back end.

It’s difficult to comprehend why the province has not allowed a veterinarian or qualified wildlife rehabilitator to examine, and as necessary, treat this clearly injured cub. The Fur-Bearers has heard that people are now trying to get close to him to take photos, or feed him, which could create the ripe circumstances for conflict and an even larger problem. A solution exists: policymakers can simply wok with existing wildlife rehabilitators and their veterinarians at no cost to the province. Our question is why aren’t they?

Since 2010 the province of Alberta has not allowed for the recovery or rehabilitation of orphaned black bear cubs, though facilities do exist within the province to professional manage such scenarios.

There are a lot of questions that need to be asked about existing policies, but right now, there’s an injured bear cub who needs assistance – and we’re asking for your help.


Please contact your Alberta MLA (find them here) as well as the Premier’s office ( and the Minister of Environment and Parks ( to demand help for this bear cub. You can use your own words, or our sample letter below.


Dear Premier Notley,

A bear cub is clearly injured and in distress in a field near Calgary, and to date, experts within your government have refused to allow intervention. A policy exists that prevents wildlife rehabilitators from assisting orphaned black bear cubs, but it is not written in legislation – it can be changed easily. Further, there is a provision that allows for a temporary permit to transport and examine, as well as treat and release as necessary, black bear cubs. Why has this not been enacted in a case that clearly requires intervention?

What is also concerning is the growing spectacle of this cub – people are trying to get close for photos, to feed him, and this could result in greater issues of conflict.

Your government was elected on the basis of change – of doing better. Please, do better for the animals. You can start with this one orphaned black bear cub who needs help. Will you instruct your agencies to work with experts in the wildlife rehabilitation sector of Alberta?


Your name and address

Top photo by Kinan Echtay

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