ACTION ALERT: Newfoundland mink farmer wants to increase farm size

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The government of Newfoundland is accepting feedback on a proposed increase to a mink farm – and the animals need your voice.

According to The Telegram, Eagle Ridge Farm Ltd. intends to increase their “breeders” from 300 mink to 3,000 and expand their farm’s footprint from 2.4 hectares to over 13 hectares.

We all know the horrors that face wild animals when they’re caged, raised and slaughtered for their skin. These are sentient, emotional and instinctually-intact creatures who should be spending more than half their lives in rivers and hunting freely across dozens of acres of land. Instead, they’re kept in wire-bottomed cages, fed sludge from buckets and killed before their second birthdays.

We also all know the horrors that fur farms create for the environment. Numerous studies have shown their severe impact on water systems and local ecology. And now it’s time to make sure the Minister of Environment and Conservation of Newfoundland knows, too.


Write a letter to Minister of Environment and Conservation Dan Crummell (as well as his staff) and tell him that there is no amount of economic benefit that outweighs the inherently inhumane practices and ecology damage wrought by these fur farms. Tell him that expanding this farm will not be good for the environment, the animals or his government. After all, we remember these types of decisions come election time.

Email Dan Crummell at (and copy the general Ministry of Environment and Conservation address


Dear Minister,

The expansion of Eagle Ridge Farm Ltd. would put your local ecosystems in jeopardy and continue an inherently inhumane industry. The fur lobby would have you believe that their practices are “green” or “eco-friendly” – despite the fact that it is against the law to use these terms while marketing their products in many countries.

Please, read the non-partisan studies on the environmental impact of fur. See the pain and fear in the eyes of the mink kept in tiny, wire-bottomed cages. Do the right thing for yourself, for the animals, for the people and for the future of Newfoundland and say no to this expansion.

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