ACTION ALERT: Share your disgust with the government on muskrat fur hat reversal

It’s hard to write this, our hands are shaking so much. Shortly after we announced our victory with the RCMP phasing out the use of muskrat-fur hats in regular cold weather conditions, the government announced they would force a reversal on the decision.

We are in shock and we are disgusted.

The RCMP made a decision based on facts, scientific testing and the collective attitudes of their members and the public. The Government of Canada is clearly trying to pander to a dwindling industry and disregarding the rest of the country’s views.

One Conservative MP said that the decision to phase our fur from the RCMP hats was disrespectful to Canada’s heritage.

We certainly have elements to be proud of in our history. But to say that evolving as a community is somehow disrespectful to our past is disturbing, particularly to those who had their families torn apart or cultures demolished by past Canadian decisions such as residential schools and Japanese internment camps.

Sign our petition here and tell the government to support your views – not some agenda they’re pushing to prop-up a dwindling industry that’s dependent on the suffering of animals.

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