Ad campaign launched over killing of BC wolves

Video produced and held under copyright by Sarah Ronald.

A new ad campaign has launched in British Columbia to raise awareness about the BC wolf cull.

The Fur-Bearers, a non-partisan wildlife charity founded in 1953, has collaborated with British Columbia artist Sarah Ronald to tell the story of a young wolf named Nadina, killed by government contractors as part of the province’s annual wolf cull. Nadina was collared in the winter of 2022 before her entire pack of seven wolves were tracked and shot from helicopters, leaving Nadina orphaned in the wild. Six weeks later, the contractors tracked her radio collar and located her travelling with another wolf pup. They were both then shot by government contractors.

This information, obtained through a freedom of information request by The Fur-Bearers last year, highlights the unethical reality of BC’s wolf killing program. Nadina is one wolf among hundreds killed every year by the province as part of its caribou recovery program. Using art to tell her story gives the public an opportunity to reflect on the individual animals that are victimized in the province’s wolf cull.

“Wolves are intelligent animals with complex social structures, each with their own histories and relationships,” says Aaron Hofman, Director of Policy and Advocacy for The Fur-Bearers. “It’s difficult to determine what’s happening to wolves under the province’s secretive wolf killing program so it’s important to share what we do learn with the public. People need to understand how wildlife are treated in this province so that actions can be taken to protect them.”

The ad campaign features the work of Sarah Ronald, a multidisciplinary animal artist. Her unique animation helps tell the story of Nadina and will appear in online ads, and a drawing of the wolf will be featured on transit ads in the Capital Regional District throughout the month of March.

“It has been such a great honour to work with The Fur-Bearers in sharing Nadina’s story,” says Ronald. “As a multidisciplinary animal artist, I have researched and created work about BC’s wolf cull on and off for several years. It is important to understand that these wolves are unique individuals who experience joy, pain, and loss. It is also essential to acknowledge that wolves play a crucial role in the health of the ecosystem. Let us not give power to numbers on spreadsheets, but rather recognize our responsibility to protect nature, now more than ever.”

The Fur-Bearers encourages residents to visit to learn more and contact their MLA to take action. More about Sarah Ronald’s art can be found at

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