Amhertsburg cat’s paw mangled in trap

Bubba Gumption (so named by his rescuers) was found dragging a body-gripping trap through a residential community near Windsor, Ontario. He is in care of the Windsor Humane Society.

A cat who suffered while dragging a trap for days may lose their leg after being found by a concerned resident in the Malden Centre neighbourhood of Amhertsburg, Ontario.

The cat, now receiving care under the name of Bubba Gumption, was found by a resident in their backyard, dragging the trap. Initially, Bubba was taken to Wings Rehab Centre, who removed the trap. He was then transferred to the Windsor Humane Society for ongoing care.

Due to the trauma caused by the trap, Bubba will likely have his leg amputated.

The trap, a cuff-style that’s legal for use in Ontario, is meant to target raccoons. This is the first-time wildlife protection organization The Fur-Bearers has seen a cat get their paw in one, but not the first time they’ve seen domestic animals maimed by traps.

“These traps are designed to hold an animal against their will, and do so with brutal efficacy,” says Michael Howie, spokesperson for The Fur-Bearers. “This trap being found in such a residential area is quite worrisome and means more could be out there. We are appealing to the public to please not use these traps as a means of removing unwanted wildlife from your property.”

Instead, Howie says, humane wildlife removal agencies can ensure animals are removed with any offspring, access points into homes or other locations closed, and ensure no additional damage was done. Additionally, regulations surrounding possessing wildlife and relocation not being followed could mean significant fines for well-meaning homeowners.

“Amhertsburg and Bubba are fortunate for the caring resident and the dedicated volunteers and workers at Wings Rehab and the Windsor Humane Society,” Howie adds. “But not every animal caught and maimed by one of these traps will be found and cared for in such a way. The best way to protect wildlife and pets from traps is to not set them.”

Anyone with information who believes this trap may have been set unlawfully is urged to contact the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry tips line at 1-877-847-7677 or on their site.

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