An unintended trap mauls baby skunk

The stories of traps and their victims have been in the Calgary media lately. From a beaver tortured in an allegedly humane Conibear trap to a rabbit trying to run with a leg-hold trap attached to his foot, it hasn’t been a good year. And now we have to report another near tragedy – this one more preventable than any other.

A young skunk is healing at the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (CWRS) after a trap of a different kind left him in dire straits. Found with the plastic top to a slurpee cup around his neck, the poor kit suffered severe wounds around his entire neck and part of his shoulder. A veterinary clinic provided radiographs for CWRC and the rehabbers are “cautiously optimistic” that the injuries will be treated and the skunk eventually released.

Unlike the traditional traps we rally against, this one was not left with the intent to harm, maim or kill an animal. Yet it was just as effective in rendering a living, sentient creature tortured and in a great deal of fear. This was not a trap of intended cruelty; it was a trap of laziness and selfishness.

Not only did the person who left it cause this pain, but each person who walked past and did not pick it up and throw it out played a role, too.

By simply carrying a balled up bag in your pocket when out for a hike or a walk, you can protect animals and the rest of the environment by cleaning up green spaces.

We are extremely fortunate that places like the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society are around to help these little critters. If it wasn’t for them, this young animal would have died alone, in pain and frightened. Just because someone was too lazy to make it to a trash bin.

Photo provided by Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society

More photos are available on their Facebook page (WARNING: graphic content)

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