Andrew Stanley does not represent Canada

Simply put, it’s absurd.

A new television show, set to air this fall on specialty television station Wild TV, is following the chronicles of a 31-year-old trapper in the North West Territories.

Andrew Stanley is the focus of the reality-television show, and the one-camera, one-story plot follows him as he works his 80 km trap line in sub-arctic terrain.

It should come as little surprise that the Fur Harvesters Auction – one of the largest fur auction houses in Canada – is sponsoring this little endeavour. As a massive industry, the fur lobby regularly sponsors and funds marketing campaigns – and we see this television show as just one more marketing campaign.

If you’re not sure about that argument, take a gander at the comments below the article about this show:

“A good trapper cares for his wild animals very much. This show is about nature. This show is about conservation and the animals are being treated with respect. If you cant see that maybe you should fly north and see it first hand.”

“Our great nation Canada Was built on the fur trade. Its one of the oldest professions known to man. Most likely its even older then prostitution.

Go Andrew Stanley keep our history alive. Your a true Canadian!!We love you man keep up the good videos and don't let these trolls bother you.”

“Trappers manage animal populations in a very sustainable way. In Ontario we have a registered trap line system. There are quotas that ensure animals are not over harvested. If anything more trappers mean less nuisance animals and damage to property in urban areas. Most animal populations in the north are very healthy, especially in areas that are managed by trappers. Fur is green!”

And yes, the individual accounts who posted these comments on the CBC website were created after this story was posted and have not commented on any other story.

These are the common lines spouted by the fur industry and, in fact, have been outlined in their own strategic communications guide as a way to change public perception.

In a situation like this we get frustrated. We know that this is not only marketing drivel from the fur industry, but blatant lying as well. Now, more than ever, we encourage you to share our website, Defender Radio podcast, literature and messages.

The leg-hold trap is still legal in Canada. Trapping always has been and always will be inherently cruel. And there is no need for fur.

Spread the word: it may be good enough for paid cable (when funded by a lobbyist group), but Andrew Stanley’s career of pain is not good enough for the rest of Canada.

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