Animal Justice submits complaint to investigate Quebec fur farms

We Animals Media photo of foxes on a fur farm in Quebec
Foxes on a Quebec fur farm. Animal Justice has filed a complaint regarding conditions on this and another farm.
Photo by We Animals Media

New photos of the conditions of two Quebec fur farms obtained by Animal Justice are prompting a complaint to the Quebec government to investigate alleged animal cruelty. The photos received from We Animals Media reveal the horrific reality of fur farming in Canada.

“Fur is a dying industry in Quebec, with nearly 90% of the province’s cruel and outdated fur farms closing over the past decade,” said Alanna Devine, a Montreal-based jurist and spokesperson for Animal Justice. “Cramming foxes and minks into barren wire cages for their entire lives deprives them of the ability to fulfill nearly every biological need. It’s standard in the fur industry to gas minks to death, and to kill foxes by anal electrocution. Quebec should follow in BC’s footsteps and ban this antiquated industry that causes immense suffering to animals and exposes people to dangerous public health risks.”

The Montreal SPCA has issued a news release calling for a ban on fur farming. “The heartbreaking images released this morning illustrate the suffering of hundreds, if not thousands, of animals who continue to be raised for their fur in Quebec,” said Me Sophie Gaillard, Director of Animal Advocacy and Legal Affairs and Interim Executive Director at the Montreal SPCA.

The Fur-Bearers applauds Animal Justice and the Montreal SPCA for taking action to protect animals on fur farms and ensure that authorities take the necessary steps to investigate potential violations of animal cruelty laws.

A gallery of images from We Animals Media is available at the bottom of this page (click to jump there now).

To learn more about this complaint and investigation and how you can take action, visit our friend’s websites:

Fur farming is still legal in Canada

According to the 2021 census, there are fewer than 100 fur farms remaining in Canada, the lowest number since the census began collecting this data. But in a world where fur products are rejected by consumers and numerous countries have banned fur farming, it is unacceptable that any fur farms still operate in Canada.

Progress was made in British Columbia when the government took a historic step in banning mink farming in 2021, although fur farming for other species (such as chinchillas) is still permitted in the province. It’s time for all governments to end fur farming for all species of animals. A 2022 poll found that 3/4 of Canadians support a ban on fur farming.

Fur farming has no place in Canada. It’s a cruel practice where animals are killed for luxury fashion products that no one needs.

The Fur-Bearers have created a citizen engagement toolkit for you to meet with your MP and engage with them about fur farming. People across Canada (like you!) need to let their MPs know that they want to see an end to fur farming in Canada. Visit our action site to learn more and download the toolkit. Click here to take action today!

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