Another baby animal tortured by trap in Ontario

raccoons Ontario
It is with heavy hearts that we must report on another baby animal – this time, a raccoon kit – suffering in a trap in Ontario.

According to, a couple in the quiet city of Pickering (east of Toronto), had been enjoying the antics of a mother raccoon and her several kits in their backyard. But one recent night, the couple heard a strange sound in their backyard.

“It was absolutely horrible,” one witness told reporters. “It’s something that we will never forget, the look in this poor animal’s eyes.”

One of the kits paws had been severely injured in what they describe as a snare trap, though could be a leg-hold trap. The homeowners were able to free the kit of the trap, but he ran off before they could catch him and take him to a veterinarian or wildlife rehabilitator.

The trap was likely illegally set, given its location. But even if it were legal, without any signage, identification tags or public notice, there is virtually no way to identify who set the trap.

Too often we hear this stories, and too often we must bring them to you. But it is with these stories that we can illustrate the horrifying truth about trapping in Ontario – and affect change for the animals.

When trappers speak out to the Minister of Natural Resources in Ontario (and his counterparts in other provinces), they point to their membership: roughly 70,000 licensed trappers from coast-to-cast. We must be able to do the same and show that there are more compassionate Canadians than there are those who wish to harm or kill animals.

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