Anti-fur slogans: Which do you prefer?

You may have heard them before. “Fur is not a fabric”, “I would rather go naked than wear fur”. There have been many chants, phrases and anti-fur messages that have been used over the years. We’re curious to know which are your favourite and which ones we could do without.

Any new slogans and fresh ideas are always welcome. Submit your idea to and we just might use it in our next anti-fur advertising campaign!

In the meantime, check out this list of time honored anti-fur classics – we also threw in some newer ones! If we missed any of your favourites, please let us know!

  • Compassion is the fashion.
  • Fur is not a fabric.
  • Fur hurts.
  • Get a feel for fur. Slam your hand in a car door.
  • Cruelty is one fashion statement we can do without.
  • Fake for the animals sake.
  • Fur is beautiful on animals, ugly on people.
  • Don’t buy, while they die.


Photo: Raccoon dog pups. Native to China, this species is commonly used for fur trim.

  • Fur is worn by beautiful animals and ugly people.
  • Give fur the cold shoulder.
  • I would rather go naked than wear fur.
  • All we are saying….give fleece a chance.
  • Fur belongs on animals, not people.
  • Fur is dead.
  • Say no to cruelty. Say no to fur.
  • Only a mink needs a fur coat.
  • You don’t need fur. Get a rolex or a life.
  • If you wouldn’t wear your dog, don’t wear fur.
  • There’s a big FU in every FUR.
  • Fur means you hate animals.
  • Everyone deserves to live. Don’t buy fur.
  • You can live without fur. Some animals can’t.
  • For you, it’s a fashion choice. For the animals, it’s life or death.
  • Cavemen wore fur. Have you evolved?
  • Fur looks best on the original owner.

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