APFA welcomes Fjällräven to the neighbourhood

We’re always happy to see ethical, fur-free clothiers opening up shop. But we’re absolutely ecstatic that Fjällräven has opened their first store in Canada – down the street from us!

The Swedish outdoors company is expanding their international presence and have opened their first Canadian retail outlet at 147 West Broadway in Vancouver.

We can talk about how much we love Fjällräven products, but it’s easier to let Fjällräven explain why their products are great:

“For many years, Fjällräven has been working actively to protect people, wildlife and nature. As an outdoor company, with many employees who themselves love being outdoors, this seems completely natural to us.

“The suffering of animals so that people can satisfy their needs is unacceptable. Fjällräven has never accepted any kind of ill-treatment of animals associated with the manufacturing of our products. When animals are involved in our production methods, we ensure that they are raised and treated ethically and that no animal is hurt or subjected to suffering due to careless treatment.

“Fjällräven’s approach to animal welfare is detailed in our Code of Conduct, which all our suppliers must sign. Here is a short summary of our pledges:

• We do not accept the plucking of live geese or force-feeding techniques. We only use high-quality down from strictly controlled suppliers, where the down is a by-product of food production. We received an honourable mention in 2010 for our handling of down.

• We do not use real fur in clothing, accessories or any other products. Instead we use our synthetic alternative, Arctic Fur.

• We do not accept the practice of mulesing, the surgical procedure carried out on merino sheep in Australia to make them less attractive to blowflies. We only purchase wool from suppliers who can guarantee mulesing-free merino wool.”

Pretty great, eh?

We’re happy to welcome Fjällräven to the neighbourhood – and are even happier to see yet another fur-free fashion choice being made available in Canada.

Photo tour of the new Fjällräven store

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