Are your pets prepared for an emergency?

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Wildfires and power outages during a heat wave can force you to abandon your home; extreme weather events can leave families isolated or camped out in their houses. And in each case, you need to be prepared.

As all of these crises have arisen in Canada in the last month, the subject of emergency preparedness has become common in the mainstream media. But most of this has focused on the two-legged family members – not the four-legged.

We took to social media (Facebook, Twitter and our Defender Radio Twitter) last week to find out what our supporters have in their emergency preparedness plans and kits for their animal companions:

  • A copy of vaccine records and ID info. Extra leashes/collars.
  • Styptic powder, gauze, vet wrap, splints, tweezers, needle nose pliers, something to assist you in lifting a heavier dog (sheet to wrap around back end), milk of magnesia for poison absorption (though always check with vet first before inducing vomiting), water, food, blankets, cotton balls, hydrogen peroxide to sterilize equipment, nylon leash, muzzle or some sort, phone numbers of emergency clinics and vets in the area.
  • Benadryl, scissors, polysporin, eye drops, and canvas shopping bag (in a pinch you can cut the sides out of the canvas shopping bag to make your own lift harness if needed).

There is no one right emergency kit or plan for your family and pets. But any plan is better than no plan to keep the most important ones to you safe.

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