Beaver Blotter: August 11, 2014

World’s furriest cat

A Californian cat has set the record for being the longest-haired feline in the world. Sophie Smith, the cat in question, has fur measuring 25.68 cm on her tail – a full inch longer than the previous record holder. And the best part of the fame coming to Sophie? She’s a rescue.

B.C. protects bald eagles – until they get in the way

A bald eagle nest was sacrificed to make way for industrial development, the Vancouver Sun has learned. A deep sea dock that was being built by the Pallan Group required that trees be removed and the land levelled – and in one of those trees was the bald eagle nest.

Despite concerns from top provincial biologists, the government signed the authority to remove the trees – and the eagles. It seems that the nesting eagle has found a new home not far away, but that by no means signals they’re safe – or that their nest will be protected.

Behind the scenes at an Irish mink farm

As Ireland prepares for growth in its fur farm sector, reporters were allowed behind the scenes at a farm. This PR move isn’t a new one – from time to time, a select farmer will open their operation to a select reporter at a select time, trying to show healthy mink (or fox) and a clean facility. The problem? The select time, location, reporter, and so on. We know that many fur farms are filthy, full of injured or dead animals. We know that regardless of the cleanliness of an operation, being kept in a cage lined up next to other mink goes against everything a mink’s biology demands. Don’t fall victim to this PR stunt – we know we won’t.

Happy ending in Alberta

After a few weeks of horrific scenes of trapping and hunting in Alberta, we’re happy to bring you some good news! A muskrat and a family of ducks were successfully rehabilitated and released from the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton into a conservation land. The WRSE is working with a conservation group to protect wildlife and wild homes.


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