Beaver Blotter: July 28, 2014

Why did the beaver cross the road?

Beavers and their young need to get around – and it appears they know better than to jaywalk. A cute photo captured by a Burnaby man and posted by shows a mama beaver and her kit using the designated crosswalk to get across the road.

Marching of the turtles

A rare sight was captured in Florida – 100 loggerhead sea turtles making their way to the ocean for the first time. The threatened turtles will by no means have an easy life ahead of them – but this technology, shown on – gives us a glimpse into an image of hope and the future.

Recycling, for the animals

We’ve put out the call before – and we’re not alone. Donating your fur clothing – be it the fur trim on a hood or a full-length coat – to a rehabilitation centre helps gives orphaned animals a second chance. The Natural Resources Defence Council’s online magazine highlighted the good that these recycling programs are doing across the USA.

The brand is there – but is the beaver?

Parks Canada has launched a new clothing line – featuring iconic images of beavers and moose – in hopes of bolstering their diminishing federal budget. The new clothes are quite nice and clearly shows that Parks Canada sees beavers and moose as important parts of our national landscape. We can only hope this means they’ll use some of that estimated $600,000 from the clothing line to support the protection of beavers and moose, too.

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