Beaver Blotter: June 16, 2014

Climate change? Nah… salmon always take a truck to get to the ocean!

It gets harder and harder to argue against the concept of global climate change when Chinook Salmon need to hitch a ride to make it to their Pacific homes. According to an article in the Times Colonist, millions of 6-month-old smolts (baby salmon) are being driven from rivers and streams to the ocean due to historic drought conditions.

“California has been trucking hatchery-raised salmon for years to bypass river dams and giant pumps that funnel water to Southern California and Central Valley farms,” reported the Times Colonist. “But this year state and federal wildlife agencies are trucking nearly 27 million smolts, about 50 per cent more than normal, because of the drought, according to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.”

Banff highway twinning good news for wildlife

Not only will the completion of a twinned highway in Banff be a sigh of relief for drivers, but wildlife – including fish – are going to be sighing, too. The expansion of the highway includes four new overpasses and 18 underpasses, reported Newstalk 770. But what many forget to consider is that the numerous creeks included in the underpasses are home to many fish – making their days easier and safer, too.

Wildlife get a reprieve in Regina

Wildlife rehabilitation can be a thankless, endless job. And we love the people who do it. Join us in congratulating a power couple in Regina who are helping the animals who need it the most!

Agricultural magazine announces beavers may, in fact, be good

It isn’t a surprise to us – but it could be a surprise to the readers of that beavers are, in fact, beneficial to landowners and farmers. The article outlines some of the struggles that beavers can create for communities, but also illustrates the ease of flow devices – and reveals a study that shows co-existence is the more economically-balanced choice over trapping.

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