Beaver Blotter: May 12, 2014

Technology playing a role in spring bear hunt

It was a long battle that the government won – the spring bear hunt in Ontario is on, and now in its second week. But technology is making it (hopefully) safer for mama bears and her cubs. According to one source, trail cams can be used to help identify who is visiting a bait site – as is outlined on this article on the CBC. Further, anyone in northern Ontario with a cell phone can now help orphaned bear cubs by contacting a hotline set up by Zoocheck Canada and Animal Alliance. More about this initiative can be heard on this week’s episode of Defender Radio.

BC funding salmon project – but will they protect salmon-breeding grounds?

Beavers make salmon. Sound funny? Well, it’s true. The waterways with beaver activities have long been known to assist in development of the breeding grounds of salmons. So while we applaud the government of British Columbia for funding a project to increase salmon populations, we hope they take a big-picture view and also protect the animals that protect the animals.

Putting residents on the hot seat

An article is reminding residents that they need to play a role in wildlife conflict prevention – or they could face penalties. According to the article, conservation officers are able to issue a fine or order to court appearance under the Wildlife Act for residents who do not secure attractants on their properties.

Officials ask vacationing Albertans to respect wildlife

The May two-four long weekend (Victoria Day) is approaching and officials in Alberta are reminding residents to stay safe – and respect wildlife. The Calgary Herald spoke with a Fish and Wildlife officer who pointed out that the misuse of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) in creeks and waterways can lead to environmental issues – leaking gas and oil – and disrupt wildlife.

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