Beaver Blotter: May 5, 2014

Beaver Blotter
You don’t mess with momma beaver

National news was made last week when a beaver got lost in Miramichi, New Brunswick, and showed her frustration.

According to the original story on the, the beaver was likely displaced by recent flooding in the area. But her reaction was priceless: slapping her tail at onlookers, stomping her feet, and backing people away.

Police were contacted, who were also a little dumbfounded, and make the executive decision: leave her alone. Presuming she had been provoked while in the city, police made the right call – by the end of the day, the beaver had found her way out of the city and presumably to a better home.

Live-baiting ban being considered in South Dakota

It’s somewhat astonishing to read this headline – Trappers face live-bait ban. We had to read it. Twice. Then read the article. Even then, we could hardly believe it.

“Trappers in South Dakota have increasingly used live animals, including domestic cats and rabbits, and live birds as bait during recent years, according to state wildlife officials,” wrote Bob Mercer in the Aberdeen News.

Fortunately, we have not heard of this practice taking place in Canada – yet.

Mother knows best

The Prince George Citizen got it right in a recent article: mother always knows best. The author explained that what may appear to be an abandoned baby in the wild could just be a baby left behind while mom goes out to get a meal for them.

“It is normal for mother deer, elk and other ungulates to leave their young alone for long periods, returning a few times a day to nurse and relying on the newborn's lack of scent to protect them from predators.

Returning mothers that find humans or pets nearby may leave or can become aggressive to defend their offspring from the perceived threat. The mother will return if the young is left alone.

Although these newborns may appear abandoned, it is rarely the case, and if they are removed they will be orphaned.”

An excellent article by the Prince George Citizen deserves an official high-five (and/or paw, flipper, wing, hoof…).

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