Bid to win: Vicki Rae original

It’s your chance to win – and help the animals win, too!

The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals is auctioning off this beautiful, original Vicki Rae painting of two bears via Facebook. All you need to do is sign in and bid – in $5 increments – for your chance to win.

The painting is acrylic on canvas and measures 60 cm by 71 cm (2 feet by 2 feet 11 inches).

The auction will run until Friday, July 18 at 5 pm EST.

The bidding begins at $400, shipping extra (reduced cost for Vancouver-area residents). Post your bid in the comments section and make sure you read all the comments to get the highest bid!

The winner will get the special bonus of becoming a one-year member, too!

Final payment can be received through our online donation form or by phone (credit cards).

About Vicki Rae

Vicki currently has her studio in White Rock, BC.

She received formal training at the Lorenzo di Medici Art Institute inFlorence, Italy and is otherwise ‘self-taught’.

A Vancouverite with Native Canadian and South African roots Vicki hasexplored various themes such as SAFARI and other wildlife subjects,dance and human experience, spirituality and psychology.

Using a striking, vivid pallet, expressionism and the full spectrum ofhuman emotion Vicki's body of work honours and embraces thelight and the shadow, and en masse, is a captivating visual journal ofher life and experiences.

“Employing intuition as a guide and raw emotion as fuel, I give allof myself to my Art. I engage with each piece, as if in a dance. Allowing the painting to lead me I aim to reveal it's unique energy,it's voice and the story it has to tell."

Learn more about Vicki Rae and see more of her art at

Help Make A Difference

Join The Fur-Bearers today and help us provide alternatives to fur and non-lethal solutions to wildlife conflict. We receive no government funding and rely entirely on donations from supporters like you. To become a monthly donor (for as little as $10/month – the cost of two lattes) please click here and help us save lives today.



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