Burnaby MP wants to ban dog/cat fur AND have all fur labelled!

Today Bill Siksay, MP (Burnaby Douglas), tabled a bill (Bill C-618) in the House of Commons that would prohibit the sale and import of products made in whole or in part of dog or cat fur. The bill would also require all animal skins to be labelled and full disclosure of types of fur fibres on labels. It was seconded by Libby Davies, MP (Vancouver East).

Not only is this bill the first of its kind, it is also very timely. Adrian Nelson, Director of Communications for the Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals, says, “This bill comes just in time for National Fur-Free Friday. Tomorrow, anti-fur activists across Canada will be holding demonstrations in every major city to raise awareness of the fur issue, including the global dog and cat fur trade.”

“Currently, the sale and import of cat and dog fur is legal in Canada and there are products that use some quantity of undeclared dog or cat fur. The sale and import of dog and cat fur in Canada must end,” stated Siksay.

“Under the Textile Labelling Act products can simply be labelled “fur fibre” without listing all the types of fur fibres that may be in the product. My bill requires the labelling of all types of fur fibres, no matter how small the quantity in the product,” said Siksay.

“Animal pelts and hides are also not currently required to be labelled. My bill would require all animal skins to be labelled. I believe people should be able to make fully informed purchases and my bill will ensure that consumers are not unknowingly contributing to the cat and dog fur trade.”

“Prohibiting the dog and cat fur trade, and allowing for truth in labelling gives confidence to caring Canadian consumers who are looking to avoid real fur products,” adds Nelson.

“Canada should join countries like Australia, Switzerland, the US and the EU in banning cat and dog skins and fur products,” concluded Siksay.

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