Call for posters & displays

2nd Annual Living with Wildlife Conference
Call for posters & displays

Across Canada, municipalities are reporting an increase in the number of interactions between humans and wildlife. These interactions can present a public health and safety concern and conflicts can result in the death or suffering of wildlife. In particular, animals such as coyotes, beavers and raccoons are often perceived to be a nuisance or pest.

To address this problem, our 2nd Annual Living With Wildlife (LWW2012) conference brings together experts in their field to discuss a wide variety of solutions of how we can co-exist with urban wildlife.

The poster & display session of this conference consists of several physical displays (aka. posters/info tables) which will be set-up in a room for a 60 minute session.

Posters/displays can feature wildlife research, wildlife protection initiatives, non-profits working to protect wildlife, wildlife rehabilitation, physical products that promote the co-existence of wildlife (ie. electric fencing) or other related topics.

Attendees have the opportunity to read the posters/displays and speak with the presenters about their work, organization or company.

The physical displays may be set up a few hours prior to the scheduled session or viewing time.

Presenters must be at the poster session to present and discuss their work. Posters must be removed at the end of the session or they will be discarded.


The session will take place from 5:30pm – 6:30pm sharp.

Set-up will take place from 12:30 – 1pm, with finishing touches allowed after 5pm.

Guests are required to bring their own table and chair.

Each poster should contain the author(s) name and affiliation; and display a title which describes the problem and solution.

Conference Registration: If two or more people from your organization are registered for the full day conference, the cost to display is only $50. If less than two people are registered, the cost is $100. All costs associated with attendance are the responsibility of the poster presenter(s)/attendee.


Send an outline of what you which to display and why you think it would be a good fit for the 2nd Annual Living with Wildlife conference to

List the one person who will be responsible for all correspondence associated with this poster presentation. It is the submission contact’s responsibility to verify that all presenters have received notice of the acceptance, date, and time of the event/session.

All costs associated with attendance are the responsibility of the poster presenter(s)/attendee.


The submission deadline for the 2nd Annual Living with Wildlife Conference is July 31, 2012. All submissions must be received by this date.

This deadline allows for the printing of the Conference Program and other promotional materials.

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