Christmas comes early: Canadian Tire subsidiaries dropping fur

It was hard to believe, but it’s true: Canadian Tire Corporation has decided to drop fur from their subsidiaries Sport Chek and Atmosphere across Canada.

The news broke online earlier this week through social media, but The Fur-Bearers have officially verified that two of the corporation’s large subsidiaries are moving away from the selling of fur through three sources.

Sport Chek told The Fur-Bearers: We’re continuously evaluating the types of products we carry in our stores across Canada to bring our customers what they need to support their healthy, active lifestyle. We are managing through our remaining inventory but at this time, we do not have plans to add anymore animal fur trimmed products to our inventory at Sport Chek and Atmosphere locations.

Atmosphere told The Fur-Bearers: Our official reply is that we are not fur free yet – but haven’t purchased any product containing fur this year. We are always evaluating product choices, depending on what customers are asking for. If people are asking for warm coats but fur free coats, that’s what we’ll go for. (Note: Atmosphere has been a long-time supplier of Canada Goose coats)

Canadian Tire told The Fur-Bearers: At this time, only Sport Chek and Atmosphere have been identified.

It is important to note that this is not being called an ethical decision by the corporation, but one that reflects a consistent message from their consumer base: to #MakeFurHistory. The time you’ve put in talking to friends and family about fur, the hours you’ve spent emailing retailers and filling out customer feedback surveys, and your personal choice to never wear fur is finally paying off in a big, big way. Today, we will celebrate this news, as it truly seems Christmas has come early for animal lovers in Canada.

But make no mistake – there will be push back. Trapping organizations, trapper-friendly politicians, and fur lovers will be on the war path against Canadian Tire Corporation for this decision. So please, take time to visit Canadian Tire’s corporate contact page and send them feedback saying how much you love this decision – and that you’ll be doing the rest of your holiday shopping in their soon-to-be fur-free subsidiaries!

On behalf of the animals, and our 70,000-plus supporters across Canada, thank you, Canadian Tire, for doing what’s right and listening to the growing wave of Canadians who want to #MakeFurHistory.

This fight isn’t over. We are expecting hard pushback from the fur industry, politicians, and others. Please donate now to help us prepare for what could be a major political battle in social media and news outlets. As little as $10 will go a long way in keeping up our message – and your message – that we want to #MakeFurHistory.

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