City of Sechelt, BC votes to NOT adopt a trapping ban


Photo: Vicki Stafire and her dog, Sammie.

This past spring, Sammie was caught in a leg-hold trap in Sechelt, BC. The vet bill was hundreds of dollars.

Quick note: The City of Sechelt is on BC’s Sunshine Coast and is about 1 hour north of Vancouver.

Yesterday, The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals was a delegation at the City of Sechelt’s council meeting. We asked Sechelt City Council to follow in the recent footsteps of Gibsons, BC and to consider passing a bylaw to ban the Conibear, leg-hold and snare trap.

While council had some good discussion about the issue, in a vote 3-2, council decided NOT to ban deadly wildlife traps. Also worth mentioning is that Sechelt council listened to delegations from Rob Cahill (Executive Director of the Fur Institute of Canada – who flew from OTTAWA to the little town of Sechelt) and from the BC Trappers Association.

We need your help!

Please voice your concern to the council members of Sechelt who did not vote to ban traps. Please tell them why you think lethal trapping is a public safety concern and why traps are cruel. If you live or have friends/family in Sechelt, we urge you to NOT VOTE for the following 3 individuals in the upcoming municipal election.

Warren Allan

Alice Lutes

Ann Kershaw (will not be running in the upcoming again)

In addition to contacting the 3 individuals above, please consider sending a letter of thanks to the following council members who wanted to ban trapping. Thank them for their progressive attitude and please encourage them to continue to bring this issue forward. If you live in Sechelt (have friends/family etc.) please VOTE for the following individuals, including Mayor Inkster, in the upcoming municipal election.

Alice Janisch

Keith Thirkell

Please note that Mayor Darren Inkster is unable to cast a vote during council meetings, he can only break tie votes. That said, Mayor Inkster is clearly concerned about the safety of people and pets and wanted to see these traps banned.

Thank you!


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