The Bear Necessities

How to keep bears and people safe while having fun in bear country, featuring the North Shore Black Bear Society!

Black bears are common throughout much of Canada and, despite their gentleness and general lack of interest in people, end up the accused source of conflict with people regularly. Unfortunately, that also means that law enforcement agencies are the ones responding to, and frequently killing bears. These agencies can lack training, funding and/or third-party oversight of officer discretion in the field.

Bears pay for the mistakes made by people. And that’s why organizations like The Fur-Bearers and North Shore Black Bear Society work so hard to educate residents on how we can prevent conflict.

At North Shore Black Bear Society, education coordinator Luci Cadman speaks regularly about residential and commercial attractants, advocates for the bears who are victims of human behaviour, and, in a recent online presentation, how to be safe while recreating in BC’s bear country.

Luci joined the Defender Radio podcast in the first week of June for this interview.

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