Does tennis sensation Milos Raonic know the truth about fur trim?

It’s discouraging to see a rapidly rising athletic icon like Milos Raonic joining forces with Canada Goose – the company that gladly sells coyote fur-lined clothing. We all know the horrific truth behind fur trim: the pain, fear and agony that coyotes must endure to get that fluffy fashion accessory. But an important question to ask: does Milos Raonic know the truth about fur trim?

It was announced on Tuesday that Raonic, who is a highly-ranked tennis player, had joined up with the clothier. reported: “Raonic said in a release he’s proud to work with a company ‘so committed to putting the global spotlight on Canadian talent. I want my career to make a difference and I hope to inspire more Canadians to play tennis, so our country can produce more top players in the future. I can’t wait to share my continued successes with fans across Canada and around the globe.’”

Raonic didn’t really comment about the fur trim, or the fact that Canada Goose is no longer owned by Canadians. He may know the fur trim is real fur – in fact, we hope he does know it’s real trim. But he may not know the process of trapping, the long, sorrowful hours an animal must sit in a trap waiting for its death.

There’s a lot he may not know:

  • The leg-hold trap is legal and used in capturing coyotes for their fur;
  • Coyotes can be left in a leg-hold trap for days on end before the trap – regardless of what’s in it – is checked by a trapper;
  • The deaths that eventually come to animals in traps can include: starvation, dehydration, death by predation of other animals, exposure, blood loss and, in the cases where a trapper shows up before these happen, blunt force trauma (a bullet would ruin the pelt);
  • Traps are indiscriminate – some estimates note that up to 67 per cent of trapped animals are non-target, meaning other fur-bearing animals, birds, endangered species or pets could be caught;
  • The few regulations that do exist around trapping are largely unenforceable – for example, in British Columbia, there is one conservation officer for every 11,000 square kilometres of land; and,
  • Despite pleas from thousands of residents, trappers will not self-enforce signage, ID tags or other, progressive concepts.

Send a tweet out to the tennis star, check him out on Facebook or Instagram or write him an email via his official website, and invite him – politely, please – to take a look at the photos, videos and facts of coyote trapping. All the info he needs to make an informed decision can be found on our website.

We know the truth. And we think Raonic should, too.

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