Episode 102: Drawing lines

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A funny thread emerged when we compiled this week’s episode of Defender Radio: the lines in our lives. While listening to the interviews, we realized that there are so many crossovers when discussing animal welfare, advocacy and activism. Cary Rentola of the WOLF Sanctuary draws a line between wanting to be close to nature and bringing it too close; Dr. Hal Herzog explores the lines we set up between the pets in our lives, the wildlife we protect and the animals many continue to eat; and Dylan Powell discusses the lines we sometimes must draw to protest wrongdoings.

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Cary Rentola, WOLF Sanctuary
Based in Colorado, the WOLF Sanctuary is home to as many as 30 former pets that can live out their lives safely, in a natural environment. Cary Rentola, a spokesperson with the WOLF Sanctuary, joins Defender Radio to provide some background on the organization, what life is like for the wolves and wolf-dog hybrids in their care, and why some people think that wolves can make a good pet. Interview begins at 2:20.00.

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Dr. Hal Herzog
The author of Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat, joins Defender Radio to discuss the psychological foundations behind the division of how we as a society can spend billions on pets, but ignore wildlife and continue to consume the flesh of other animals. Dr. Herzog also looks at why some attempts at change have been more successful than others. Interview begins at 14:17.09.


Dylan Powell
Several hundred protests and demonstrations are under the belt of activist Dylan Powell, a co-founder of Marineland Animal Defense. Dylan talks with Defender Radio about what people can expect at a well-organized protest, how to keep them legal and addresses some of the stereotypical fears that may keep people away. Interview begins at 31:57.56.

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