Feeding may be cause of Vancouver raccoon encounters

A raccoon
A raccoon (Procyon lotor) wanders through a park.
Photo by LaSalle-Photo / Getty Images

It is illegal to feed wildlife in Vancouver on public and private property – and it may be the cause of a series of negative encounters with raccoons.

CTV News Vancouver reports that two dogs and their companions were injured following separate incidents with raccoons in the Kitsilano neighbourhood of Vancouver. The encounters occurred within 24 hours of each other, and at least one took place after midnight.

“Neighbours blame an area resident who they say has been feeding wildlife,” reports CTV News. The City of Vancouver instituted a wildlife feeding by-law last year that makes it illegal for anyone to feed, attempt to feed, or provide an attractant that could or does attract wildlife. Residents interviewed by CTV News note they’ve contacted the City regarding the feeding and are not satisfied with the response.

"When investigating complaints related to the feeding of wildlife, we help to educate citizens on who to call and how to best interact with wildlife."

City of Vancouver Spokesperson

CTV News reports that the City says it has launched an investigation into wildlife feeding in the area, and that, “when investigating complaints related to the feeding of wildlife, we help to educate citizens on who to call and how to best interact with wildlife.”

The implementation of a wildlife feeding by-law is essential to preventing negative encounters and ensuring a healthy ecosystem; however, it is also imperative that enforcement of the by-laws take place, as education alone may not lead to behavioural changes.

The City also has a portal available to report feeding of wildlife at https://van311.ca/services/wildlife. The Fur-Bearers strongly encourage residents to take advantage of this portal, and to share educational content on the impact of feeding wildlife from our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or YouTube channels, as well as our Feeding Wildlife page.

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