Fjällräven Canada offers 10% off to #MakeFurHistory supporters

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One of the latest and greatest winter (and outdoor) wear companies to hit Canada is not only fur free, but they’re supporting the #MakeFurHistory campaign, too!

“For many years, Fjällräven has been working actively to protect people, wildlife and nature,” a spokesperson said in an email to APFA. “As an outdoor company, with many employees who themselves love being outdoors, this seems completely natural to us. We are careful to ensure that our products are manufactured correctly from the start. From the small town of Örnsköldsvik, Fjällräven has now expanded to every corner in the world. This makes it all the more important for us to take responsibility for every decision we make. The fundamental ideas remain the same; provide functional, durable, and timeless equipment to make the outdoors more enjoyable for all. We continue to find smart, innovative solutions to make every adventure an unforgettable one.”

As part of their commitment to wildlife, Fjällräven is offering 10% off to Canadian customers who order by December 2, 2014, using the discount code #MAKEFURHISTORY.

Fjällräven also has made a long-term commitment to assisting wildlife in their native homeland of Sweden.

“Fjällräven means Arctic Fox in Swedish, honoring the small and highly adaptable predator that lives in the Swedish mountains under the harshest conditions. We have taken part in conservation projects and in particular we have chosen to focus on the Scandinavian arctic fox, a species on the brink of extinction due to a number of unfortunate circumstances.

“The Scandinavian arctic fox is acutely endangered, there are only about 200 arctic foxes remaining in the mountains. The species has been protected since the end of the 1920s but the population has never managed to recover.

“Seeing an arctic fox in its natural habitat is a fantastic experience, and something that we hope more people will have the chance to do – even in the future. For this reason, since the 1990s, we have supported various projects aiming to save the arctic fox population in Scandinavia. An important project is being carried out by researchers at the Department of Zoology at Stockholm University, and since 2013 we have financed a full-time research position there. It is a long-term collaboration that we are very pleased to be part of.”

Many Fjällräven products are entirely vegan, making them a great company to check out. Remember – order by December 2, 2014 and enter promo code #MAKEFURHISTORY to save 10% on your order!

Our thanks go out to Fjällräven for their support of our campaign!

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