GRAPHIC CONTENT: Injuries from traps double in two years for Critter Care

Rewards issued in two cases of raccoons trapped in British Columbia, and a call for action from the province.

An alarming increase in animals suffering in traps has The Fur-Bearers calling on the province to enact immediate change. Weare demanding provincial leaders address the horrendous injuries wildlife and pets are suffering from traps, including those in urban areas.

Wildlife rehabilitators Critter Care Wildlife Society has reported that the number of animals they’ve treated or humanely euthanized due to trap-related injuries has more than doubled in the last two years. These traps, which can easily be purchased online or through local and online marketplaces and sales, only accomplish one thing: suffering.

Langley-based Critter Care Wildlife Society (CCWS)noted they had nine cases of animals injured by traps in 2017, 15 cases in 2018, and so far, 21 cases in 2019 (not including Tom Cat rat traps). These are only cases that are reported to CCWS and does not include incidents outside of their range or domestic animals like dogs and cats who are also injured or killed by traps.

The Fur-Bearers are offering rewards of $1,500 (each) for information that leads to identification and conviction of the person(s) responsible for recent trapping incidents in Port Coquitlam and Richmond, but what the animals really need is for the province to step up. Every year we’ve asked the province for common sense updates to policy, such as allowing local governments to enact, educate about, and enforce by-laws about traps to curb these incidents, or mandatory signage when traps are being used. And every year goes past with no change, but more individual animals and families suffering. At this point, with all the horrendous injuries we’ve seen and lack of change, it’s hard to believe the province of British Columbia cares about animal cruelty at all.

Anyone with information regarding the Port Coquitlam or the Richmond incidents are asked to contact the RAPP line at 1-877-952-7277.

The raccoon in the above photo was found dragging a Conibear trap in Port Coquitlam. Due to the extent of his injuries, Critter Care Wildlife Society humanely euthanized him. Photo provided by CCWS.

More updates will be provided as they become available.

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