Happy Father’s Day

With Father’s day coming this weekend we wanted to shine a light on some of the special animal father’s out there.

So, in no particular order, here are some of our favourite fathers.

Beavers – Beavers mate for life and the father’s take an important role in teaching and bringing up their young. It was once thought that when beavers reached a certain age, they were kicked out of the lodge. Today, we know that in fact dad actually helps the adolescents find a suitable place to live and will even help them build their new place.
Red Foxes – Foxes are very busy dads. When the kits are born the mother will stay in the den with the newborns. That means dad is left with the task of hunting and bringing back food for his new family. Often having to catch a meal every 4-6 hours.
Marmosets – Marmosets are small monkeys and the fathers take a very active role in rearing their young. Once the babies are born, dad will do the majority of the carrying and grooming and will give the babies to mom only when they need to be nursed.
Wolfs – Wolves live as large families or packs so it’s no doubt daddy plays an important role. When the pups are born he will often stand guard in front of the den and will do the majority of the hunting for the mother and pups. As the pups grow up, dad will also help teach the pups how to hunt and survive.
Penguins – When female penguins lay their eggs they must travel a large distance to eat and re-nourish their bodies. While they are away, it’s dads responsibility to keep the eggs and the chicks warm from the frigid temperatures of the Antarctic.
Wolverines – Through their tough exteriors wolverines are in fact quite gentle fathers. They will often travel hundreds of miles a month to visit their 2 or 3 mates and kits. Dad will also visit and help out their older offspring, taking them along on their journeys, sometimes for days at a time.

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