Hats, caps and traps.


Photo: 2-3 muskrats were trapped and killed to make this RCMP winter uniform hat.


Photo: Ceremonial guard, 1-2 Canadian black bears are shot to make each hat.

“Let’s turn our wildlife into hats!”

It might sound crazy to you and I, but the Harper government thinks it’s a great idea.

Apparently our conservative government and the government officials who actually wear these hats are immune to animal suffering.

To line the outer flaps of a winter uniform hat with fur, muskrats are caught and drown in leg-hold traps. They break teeth and bones trying to escape. In some cases, they will even chew off their own limbs.

Currently Canada’s RCMP officers and the National Department of Defence/Canadian forces wear muskrat fur hats.

Canada’s ceremonial guards also wear fur hats. They are made from Canadian black bears that are gunned down or are who have been trapped in foot snares.

It is time to tell our government what it really means to be Canadian. Let’s celebrate Canada’s wildlife – not wear it!

(Scroll to the bottom of this page to see a sample letter.)

Tell the RCMP that you care about wildlife and ask them to go fur-free!

Guy Rochette, Supt.
Officer in Charge
Uniform and Equipment Program
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Warehouse, Room 104
440 Coventry Road
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R2

William J. S. Elliot
RCMP Commissioner
RCMP Public Affairs and Communication Services
Headquarters Building 1200 Vanier Parkway
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R2

You can also contact the RCMP through their online contact form:


Regarding the National Department of Defence, ask them to ditch the fur too – including both the muskrat hats and the bearskin hats for the ceremonial guards, contact:

Assistant Deputy Minister (Public Affairs)
Department of National Defence
National Defence Headquarters
Major-General George R. Pearkes Building
101 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1A 0K2

Or use the online contact form:


Don’t forget about Canadian black bears used in UK for hats, please write:

The Private Secretary to Her Majesty the Queen
Buckingham Palace
London, England

The Private Secretary to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales
Clarence House
London, England

Rt Hon Liam Fox, MP
Secretary of State for Defence
Ministry of Defence, Main Building
London, England



I am writing with great concern over the use of real fur for your uniform caps.

I am appalled to learn that animals are trapped and killed to supply these hats, and I encourage you to switch to a fur-free alternative as soon as possible.

What efforts can you take to find a suitable alternative?

I look forward to your reply.



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