Horrifying injuries prompt call for trap ban

This image was censored due to its graphic nature. To reveal the original image, please click here. Image provided by Critter Care Wildlife Society.

A horrifying injury to a raccoon in Surrey, BC by a “certified humane” trap has led The Fur-Bearers to call for an outright ban on all body-gripping and leg-hold type traps in the province.

The raccoon, who was found with a Duke Cuff-style trap on their paw on Friday, June 26, 2020, was likely dragging thetrap for days, according to Critter Care Wildlife Society. Following an examination of her injuries, the raccoon was humanely euthanized. She was lactating, likely meaning she had babies relying on her for food and protection still.

This image was censored due to its graphic nature. To reveal the original image, please click here.Image provided by Critter Care Wildlife Society.

Critter Care Wildlife Society takes in and treats or humanely euthanizes dozens of animals per year who are suffering from the cruelty of “certified humane” traps in and around their Langley location. The number of animals caught and injured by traps is not recorded or reported, and no proactive inspections of trap lines or other trapping takes place in BC.

In 2013, Surrey City Council prepared a by-law prohibiting the use of snares, body-gripping traps and leg-hold traps; a request to the Ministry of Forestry, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development [FLNRO] was sent that same year. In their response, the Ministry noted that, “there are a number of other municipal governments in the province that have requested bylaw allowances from the Minister and various other trapping considerations through the Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM). These requests are being considered by the Ministry with the intent that a coordinated approach will be taken.”

Today, nearly seven years later, the City of Surrey (as well as several other municipalities) has not received a response and no significant changes were made to trapping regulations in response to these ongoing concerns.

Anyone in Canada can order dangerous traps online, in stores or at garage sales without a trapping license, identification, registration or information on the devastation traps can cause.


The Fur-Bearers have prepared an open letter to Ministry of FLNRO Doug Donaldson demanding that body-gripping, snare and leg-hold traps be banned due to an inability to protect wildlife, pets and people in British Columbia. Every ounce of suffering that occurs – from the degloved raccoons taken in by Critter Care Wildlife Society to the pets who died in the arms of their owners to the cruelty of traps never seen – is currently on the hands of Minister Doug Donaldson and his Ministry’s refusal to acknowledge that humane body-gripping type traps simply don’t work in practice.

Add your name below (and your postal code if you’re a resident of BC so we can send a copy to your elected MLA) to show that the voices of the suffering will not be silenced by inaction. Show the political decisionmakers who have refused change that future elections, fundraising for political parties and support of legislation is on the line.

It is time for BC to move out of the past and into a future of coexistence, science-based wildlife management and taking ownership for preventable cruelty.

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