How many more must be injured or killed?

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Across Canada domestic dogs are being maimed by legal traps set to capture or kill wild fur-bearing animals. This is not new, nor is the unfortunate reaction of many.

"He should have been on a leash," some observe. "If he wasn't roaming it wouldn't have happened," say others.

But the reality is this kind of trap is often set near publicly accessible trails or access roads. We've seen cases where they were within five feet of dog walking trails – and when most dog leashes are six feet long… Well, you can imagine.

Just like children, dogs don't always do as they're told: they can escape backyards, rush out of open doors, and wrestle free of collars or harnesses. We can't always protect them, nor can we eliminate some dangers like cars on roads or unsafe foodstuffs.

But we can stop trapping. Not only are our dogs being frightened, injured and sometimes killed by these traps; hundreds of thousands of wild fur-bearing animals are suffering similarly every year.

Please share this with all your animal loving friends. Awareness is the first step. Then contact your local MLA or MPP and ask why they won't stand up to a dwindling special interest group – trappers. We know that nature-based recreation by far outweighs the economic benefits of trapping or the fur industry.

You can even talk to your municipality about restricting or banning the use of traps – something several BC municipalities are currently doing.

What we, and the animals, need from you is a strong voice asking "how many more have to suffer?"

Because we know the day will come when the answer will be "none."

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