Introducing The Beasley Beaver Family

Mom’s busy, getting some food ready. Dad’s fixing stuff around the house – patching holes, making sure everything is as it should be. And the kids? Well they’re being kids: tumbling with each other, taking turns jumping in and out of the lake. They’re the Beasley family. Also, they’re beavers.

Just like any Canadian family, they focus on each other. The kids stick around to learn the ropes of taking care of themselves and a family until they’re ready to go – even if sometimes they stay a little longer than mom and dad would like. Grandma and Grandpa sometimes still live with them too, likely making strange beaver-snoring noises and complaining about the racket the kids are making. And the parents want nothing more than to keep their family safe.

Help us keep the Beasley Family together. Our coexistence model allows for beaver families like the Beasleys to live happily while preventing any potential flooding or infrastructure damage. For $1,000, we can go into a community, train staff, build a flow device and ensure the long-term safety of beavers. Because just like the Beasleys, we think all families should stay together. Don’t you?

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The Fur-Bearers is a national non-profit based in Vancouver. It was formed in 1953 and advocates on behalf of fur-bearing animals in the wild and in confinement, and promotes co-existence with wildlife. More about our history and campaigns can be found at

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