Is a new generation accepting fur, or are journalists buying the spin?

If you take headlines at their face value, it would seem fur is back in a big way. But if you’re capable of critical thinking, it would seem that journalists are buying the fur industry’s spin, hook, line and sinker.

The latest article, published in the UK’s Telegraph, relies on statistics provided by the International Fur Federation – a lobbying/marketing group made up of all the fur councils around the world. They say that fur values are up – even though, at auction, fur values are way down. And that’s not factoring inflation – when the actual value is looked at – by someone other than the fur trade and the journalists they’ve swindled – it’s significantly down.

Of course, it’s good practice in the media to get an alternative source. In the case of The Telegraph, they went with individuals who sell fur. If there was a way to articulate a face palm in the written word, we’d insert it here.

There are also quotes without attribution to ‘students’ and flat out unnamed individuals.

The writer of The Telegraph article also points to what’s being seen on the catwalk. What’s not included in that statement is that the fur houses are giving samples to these designers and students of fashion – free material to play with.

And while the articles portray fur as a popular fashion choice, there’s no actual evidence of it. Nor is there statements from the vast majority of people – more than half in Canada – who say no to fur entirely. Nothing is said about the growth of cruelty-free choices, like those offered by Vaute Coutre or The Tree Kisser.There is no ink given to the hundreds of thousands of people who protest fur, or the hundreds of millions of animals needlessly slaughtered for their fur each year. In fact, it would appear that many of these journalists think fur is grown in a test tube before being coloured and added to trims.

The journalists might be buying the spin – but we’re not. And if you’re not buying it either, let the world know that you want to #MakeFurHistory.

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