Kangaroo court hears fur farm complaints

Two Langley residents had their cases heard – and subsequently dismissed – regarding the operations of a nearby mink farm by the Farm Industry Review Board. We spent time today thoroughly reviewing the FIRB decision and can offer some analysis into the process.

The complaints were made by neighbours of the mink farm. A hearing was held, with “expert witnesses” brought in (all of whom are employed through the farming industry) and judgement was passed by farmers. Their decisions are based on current best-practices of farming. Which are set by farmers.

Are you seeing the pattern, yet?

Serious complaints and concerns about the presence of birds, manure and waste, flies and noise were summarily dismissed through the admission that, for the most part, they were generally accepted by the farm industry.

This is more evidence that fur farms are sorely lacking in legislation throughout our country. Without legislation that seeks to protect the environment, neighbours and fur-bearing animals themselves, it is entirely possible that it will take disaster before change will come.

Google Maps Satellite view of Dogwood Fur Farm

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