Kitten caught in agonizing glue trap in BC

Lola kitten glue trap
It isn’t just the traps set by the fur industry that can wreak havoc and ruin lives, and a furry little kitten was shown that lesson in the most horrible way this week in Kelowna, BC.

The glue trap, a popular kind sold in hardware stores right across the country, was likely left outside to catch mice or rats. Lola, as the young tabby cat has been named by her rescuers, was close to death when she was rushed to the Rose Valley Veterinary Hospital last weekend, the CBC has reported.

“She was quite emaciated and dehydrated,” said veterinarian Moshe Oz. “She was on the verge of dying on us. A few more hours in the sun, on the weekend and she wouldn’t have made it.”

The process of liberating Lola, whose paws, legs and body were all stuck to the adhesive, was lengthy and required great care.

“We had to do it slowly to make sure the skin won’t rip off,” Oz told CBC. “We gave her a good bath, fluids, antibiotics, and lots of food and love.”

Fortunately, Lola is now healthy, playing and ready for a home – and given the media attention, it is quite likely she’ll be with a new family in a matter of days – all thanks to the Rose Valley Veterinary Hospital. But thousands of other animals won’t have such a happy ending when these glue traps continue to be used.

Much like the larger and still inherently inhumane traps used by the fur industry, these glue devices are indiscriminate – any living being that touches them become ensnared and will fight until exhaustion or death to be free.

In British Columbia, there is no regulation for the use of these “pest” devices, nor is there any regulation of the “pest removal” industry – it is entirely up to the consumer to research and find a truly humane option themselves.

Please, share this story and show your friends, family and neighbours the devastation an “easy answer” to wildlife conflict can create. Talk to your local stores and ask them to stop selling these horrific glue traps. And tell your local city council that you want a ban on these items in your community.

Photo provided by Rose Valley Veterinary Hospital

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