Make it a fur-free Christmas with gentle and polite reminders

The malls are getting busy, the newspapers are writing about sales, and your eyes are watering from all the fur-trim – it must be Christmas time.

We’re a full 22 days out from Santa’s big visit, but it’s quite clear that the Christmas shopping season is in full swing, and that means it’s time for a conversation. Each year we remind our supporters to tell their friends, family, and even co-workers how they feel about fur (in a polite, conversational way).

Even though you’ve probably shared our images or blogs on Facebook and Twitter, and probably ranted or raved about fur to the people in your life before, it still happens: someone sees a cute toque, a trendy jacket, or some warm-looking mittens and doesn’t even notice the fur (or faux fur) trim.

For those of us who spend a great deal of time and emotional energy on the fur issue, it’s blaringly obvious – but the small bits of fur, especially with the prevalence of faux fur, are commonly unnoticed by consumers.

Reminding those who may be shopping for you that you’ve made the commitment to #MakeFurHistory and would prefer that no gifts have faux fur either is a simple way to try and prevent this – to keep the idea fresh in peoples’ minds.

You can also request alternatives that are guaranteed to be fur-free, such as the shirts and toques in our shop, the new parkas and coats by Mammoth Outerwear (whose sales support our campaigns), or products from other reliable fur-free retailers.

You can make it a fur-free holiday, this year, simply by reminding the people in your life that you’ve decided to #MakeFurHistory.

Work like our growing #MakeFurHistory campaign is only possible with the support of monthly donors. Please consider become a monthly donor – for as little as $5 a month – and help us create a Canada where we can proudly say we were part of the change to #MakeFurHistory.

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