Marine mammal bill good news for animals across Canada

orcaAfter a slow, long battle, Ontario businesses will not be able to buy, sell or breed orcas. While many are noting the shortcomings of the new legislation – primarily that Kiska, the 40-year-old orca at Marineland will be left in captivity – it is still a positive for animals across Canada.

This legislation indicates, more than anything else, that consistent pressure and education to the general public and politicians can be an effective means of change. It is akin to the recent news that the Ringling Bros. circus would phase out the use of elephants in their acts.

The decision, announced Thursday, may not be what everyone was hoping for. But it is a move in the right direction, and one that illustrates Canadians are more prepared to accept animals (including fur-bearers) as more than property. It is a sign that you, our wonderful supporters and members, are doing work for a cause that can be won.

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