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We know that coyote fur trim means cruelty. We’ve seen the harrowing damage leg-hold and body-gripping traps can cause. We understand the suffering that’s behind every Canada Goose parka.

Now we need Metro Vancouver to know that, too.

In a front-page-teased article, reporter Melissa Dunne (whose past articles have been about running) outlined the wonders of Canada Goose and other fur-trimmed parka makers with statements like: “Despite the hefty price tags everyone from students to seniors has bought in.”

Dunne also talked about the Made in Canada tag that brings many to buy into Canada Goose.

The cruelty, which is what CG is quickly becoming known for, received but a single sentence near the end of the article.

We want Dunne, Metro Vancouver, and all their readers, to know a few things:

  • Leg-hold, body-gripping and snare traps are still used to catch and kill coyotes in the wild.
  • Coyotes – and other fur-bearing animals – are held against their will for days until a trapper return to kill them. You can be sure these sentient creatures fight with everything they have until the point of exhaustion overwhelms.
  • Canada Goose is owned by an American equity fund – Bain Capital. Their profits are being sent to the 1%ers to the south.
  • The majority of sales for Canada Goose align with population centres in Canada – urban areas within a few kilometres of our southern-most borders. Those who live in the arctic often do not have hundreds or thousands of dollars to spend on fashion.

To write an article about Canada Goose and not explore the grim realities facing wildlife in Canada due to their popularity is not news. It is a sales pitch. And we expect better.

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