Nail-riddled chicken set as bait

Dog walkers, parents and the general public were shocked when police revealed nail-ridden chunks of chicken were found in a public park in Thornbury, Ontario last week.

According to CTV News, a parent with a young child discovered the bait in Moreau Park, near a popular off-leash dog area and playgrounds. Residents reported disgust, dismay and fear when approached by journalists.

An Ontario Provincial Police Constable told CTVit certainly is concerning that this was deliberately placed here by someone who wanted to harm someone’s pet or child.”

It’s not uncommon for these types of incidents to occur; in fact, media reports show that it’s an annual event: finding baited meats or foods in public areas.

Often the target is pets; sometimes it is wildlife, often raccoons in urban areas.

To APFA, there is another side of this story. As there appears to be no trapping by-laws in the Blue Mountain region, a leg-hold, Conibear or other body-gripping trap could legally be placed within feet of the property line of Moreau Park. While residents and police speculate on the cause and consequence of the spiked meat, extremely dangerous and inherently cruel traps could be hidden throughout the area.

These traps cannot differentiate between its intended target and a pet or even a child.

OPP will continue to investigate in Thornbury, as they should. We sincerely hope the culprit is apprehended and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. But we also hope residents of Thornbury and the Blue Mountain region realize that even if this disturbed individual is caught, hundreds could be setting traps, equally devastating, with total protection under Ontario law.

Please view our videos and PDF documents on trapping, pets and how you can prevent tragedy in your family while these barbaric devices remain legal in our municipalities.

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