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Here is what some MP’s are saying about why they refuse to ban dog and cat fur:

The Minister of International Trade has discussed this issue with the Fur Council of Canada, a national association representing the Canadian fur trade, on many occasions. They have assured him that the Canadian trade does not buy, sell, or use any fur from domesticated dogs or cats.

“In addition, the Council stated its members have no interest in working with furs from these animals, nor is there any consumer demand for such products. Finally, there is no hard evidence of commercial activity in Canada involving the production, sale or export of cat or dog fur.

“There is no evidence that products containing cat or dog fur are imported into Canada.

“Our priorities include ensuring foreign market access for Canadian exports… Adopting an import ban on dog and cat fur such as you suggest could undermine Canada’s case against implementation of import bans imposed on Canadian seal products.”

Don’t buy it.

The facts:

1. The Fur Council of Canada is the marketing body for the fur trade. They have no legal authority over what fur products areimported or sold in Canada. They are not an animal welfare group, nor is their mandate to protect animals. They make money from the fur trade.

2. It is a well-documented fact that over 2 million dogs/cats are killed solely for their fur inSouthern Asia.

3. As a proactive measure, the European Union, USA and Australia have already taken action and imposed their own laws banning dog and cat fur.

Bottom line: Canada has done nothing to protect ourselves from these products of cruelty, nor does the government require real fur to be labelled. With more countries closing their doors to this cruelty, it makes Canada a more vulnerable target.

Please keep up the pressure. Tell your MP to support Bill C-439 and Bill C-618 – to ban dog and cat fur – and to require strict labelling on all fur products.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at anytime:

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