New report calls for a transition away from fur farming

The Fur-Bearers has published a new report: Fur Farming in Canada – Towards a Post-Fur Future. This report provides an overview of fur farming in Canada in 2023, outlining the risks and harms caused by the sector: from public health risks to negative environmental impacts, to the harm caused to the countless animals farmed for their fur. It then turns to solutions and what is needed to successfully transition away from fur farming.

As numerous countries have already banned fur farming, Canada can learn from their experiences on what happens after fur farming ends. The report provides examples from other jurisdictions where fur farmers have exited fur farming and converted their farms into other operations, such as greenhouses or solar farms.

From the report’s Executive Summary:

This report highlights the problems inherent in fur farming and the possibilities for a post-fur farming era. What could a phase-out and transition away from fur farming look like? What lessons can we learn from other jurisdictions around the world that have banned fur farming? How do we support workers in the fur farm sector to gain meaningful employment in safer, ethical, and sustainable sectors? Could these transitions aid Canada’s need for food security and sustainable energy?

Fur Farming in Canada: Towards a Post-Fur Future examines the experience of other countries that have banned fur farming to demonstrate what is possible in Canada. The end of fur farming can mean the beginning of new opportunities for those involved in the fur farm sector, provided they are adequately supported in their transitions away from fur production. The creation of financial and occupational programs for fur farmers and workers exiting the sector will provide them with the support they need to seek new careers and opportunities. A prohibition on fur farming in Canada will protect animals, the environment, and all Canadians from the risks and harms that fur farming entails. Numerous countries have already taken action to end fur farming, it’s time for Canada to join them.

The report is an urgent call for federal policymakers to respond to the problem of fur farming. It recommends a prohibition on fur farming and for the government to support workers and employers in the sector to transition away from the practice. There are concrete examples around the world that show what the end of fur farming can look like: from occupational training for workers to compensation packages for employers. With over 20 countries having banned fur farming or introduced legislation to do so, Canada can look to other jurisdictions for guidance on what’s possible. This report provides a starting point for Canada’s response.

Note: This report was originally published in March 2023. Current version updated in July 2024.

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