Open letter: Tim Hortons, help us protect wildlife by changing lids

David Clanachan

President and Chief Operating Officer, Tim Hortons Canada

874 Sinclair Road, Oakville, ON L6K 2Y1

Dear Mr. Clanachan,

skunk WRA BC
As a company with clear Canadian values on the environment and animal welfare, we today write you in hopes that you will take a leadership role in solving a wildlife-related issue.

In recent weeks our friends at the Wildlife Rescue Association of British Columbia (WRA BC) have brought in multiple skunks who have become ensnared by plastic dome lids, similar to those found on several of the products sold at Tim Hortons locations across the country. These lids feature a round opening that is large enough for an animal like a skunk to push their head through, but due to its rigid construction, they are unable to free themselves.

In multiple cases, this has led to serious injury; in other cases, it has likely led to death. The injuries endured include dislocated or broken joints, gaping flesh wounds, and severe dehydration.

We are not placing blame on your company, or any of the others who distribute these lids. We are, however, hoping that Tim Hortons can step up to help resolve this issue and prevent more needless suffering.

We are urging your company to find solutions to prevent this from occurring – be it perforations on the lid allowing them to break open in dire situations, a softer design that will allow animals to escape if they become ensnared, or some other innovation. We are happy to work with your company and suppliers to find an amicable solution. For the interim, we ask that your staff please advise customers to cut apart these lids prior to disposing of them, to help prevent more suffering.

Tim Hortons has made a clear case for working towards a sustainable future – we ask that this issue become a part of that future.

For the animals,

Lesley Fox

Executive Director

The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals


You can help us make this an issue that Tim Hortons must address by forwarding this letter to your local media outlet, speaking (politely) with your local Tim Hortons manager, or contacting Tim Hortons head office (follow this link) and writing your own letter.

We know that with compassion and innovation, we can find solutions to problems like this that plague our wildlife. Please, help give wildlife families a voice.

Photo provided by Wildlife Rescue Association of BC

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