Our Pets and the Pandemic

The Fur-Bearers’ team are keeping furry family members entertained!

The Fur-Bearers team is working remotely like many others – and that means some extra time with our furry family members. As there are vast changes to our lives and the outside world, our pets will also be managing these changes and need ways to de-stress as well.

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Dog parks, play dates and other activities that normally help keep our pets happy and relaxed are harder – and sometimes not possible – during the COVID-19 pandemic. But each of our team members have found little ways to help our dogs, cats and guinea pigs with the change and stress.

Marcy, North Vancouver

Ryu (dog) is getting extra leashed walks, a special cookie every few days to munch on, stuffed and frozen Kong toys and a bit of backyard fetch. Ryu will also be setting up his agility equipment soon – tunnels and posts to run between! Training, be it tricks, basic obedience or advanced agility, is a great way to build a bond with your pooch and get them some extra mental and physical exercise!

Licky and Poi (cats) get extra treats, some new foods to try, professional nap time and lots of playing with string toys (for Licky; Poi can’t see too well anymore). All three pets (and Marcy) also enjoy impromptu dance parties!

Marcy's pets

Lesley, Vancouver Island

Peppercorn (the mail cat, who will be recognized by supporters that get our Wild & Free Press newsletter and seen in the top photo, middle) spends most of his days napping near Lesley’s workstation, but also gets some supervised/restricted outdoor time and enough cuddles to power a nuclear submarine.

Pebbles and Cookie Dough (guinea pigs) spend much of the day doing their guinea pig things but will enjoy TV time with the whole family on the couch in the evening while getting some special fresh veggies. They’ve also launched Facebook LIVE racing: The Cilantro Games.

Mike, Hamilton (Ontario)

JJ the Hamilton Hound (who is actually a GSD x Lab but has the nose down/ears off attitude of a hound) spends much of her time following, then laying down exactly one foot behind wherever Mike is standing, making every movement an adventure. A mixture of fresh produce on top of her food keeps things interesting, long city walks with lots of sidewalk crossing for social distancing and frozen Kong toys are typical favourites. JJ also gets some time playing fetch in the shared green space of her multi-unit home (look at the old gal go!).

What are you and YOUR pets up to? We’d absolutely love to hear! Just tag us on social media or send your photo/videos to info@TheFurBearers.com!

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