The bears and the bees

There’s lots of news out there this week about bees. Their populations have been seriously declining in Canada – and around the world – in

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A swing and a miss

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) has an incredible bear wise program. Available for download to anyone – and sent out to all media

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Hot enough?

During the hot, sweltering summer months, it’s hard to think about fur. After all, most of the fur in fashion we see today is used

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Found a fawn?

Special message from the BC SPCAWildlife rehabilitation centres care for many “kidnapped” fawns each year. They are healthy babies that are mistakenly thought to be

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Eau de Beaver Butt?

Guest blog by Janet KalmuskyLancome, Chanel, Givenchy…. what is that gorgeous smell … rose? citrus? the discharge of beaver sex glands mixed with urine? Sadly,

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