Price up at NAFA auction – but that doesn’t mean recovery for fur industry

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In a rather sad attempt at good news, the CBC covered the North American Fur Auction yesterday, noting a slight increase in pelt prices. According to their insider – Dan Mullen, a notorious fur farm owner in Nova Scotia – prices were up around 10 per cent.

The CBC, to their credit, did note that the factory fur farm industry in Nova Scotia received a $20,000,000 government bailout, with 93 of the 96 farmers requesting help. Mullen was not questioned about this, nor was the fact that an economically-deprived east coast is funding an industry that shows every sign of self-destruction.

It also wasn’t discussed that virtually no funding is going to the environmental protections or clean ups desperately needed there, as indicated in our formal complaint to the government late last year.

As part of their ongoing coverage of fur farms in Nova Scotia, there was not a single line on the inherently inhumane practices, the painful, short lives that the mink and fox are forced into, nor the environmental degradation caused by the farms.

In short, it was a snow job.

CBC user GreenTybie, who is a Fur-Bearers member and supporter, did a great job of providing information in the comments on all of these issues – a job that a professional journalist at the national broadcaster should have done themselves.

To those who are worried that a price increase may mean growth in the fur sector, let us reassure you that we will continue to educate and provide consumer awareness. We will continue to write to media outlets that fail to do their jobs. And we are sure that despite this increase – which was seemingly spurred by Chinese buyers (who purchased 95 per cent of all furs at the auction) – was a hiccup in the downward spiral the industry is facing.

We know, and truly believe, that we will Make Fur History.

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