Questions to ask your Ontario candidates for MPP

An image of the Ontario legislative assembly at Queen's Park
The Ontario Legislative Assembly at Queen's Park in Toronto. Photo by JHVEPhoto / Getty Images

The 2022 Ontario election is underway and that creates an excellent opportunity to engage with political hopefuls in our communities on issues related to fur-bearing animals.

Subjects such as COVID-19, economic recovery, and development will likely dominate headlines through the summer campaign. However, as candidates seek support from individuals at events, by going door-to-door, and by taking calls or responding to emails, all residents have an opportunity to hear opinions and put forward priorities.

As a non-partisan, charitable organization, The Fur-Bearers will not endorse any candidates or parties. The following questions can be asked of any candidate, and can lead to educating political leaders and moving policy or legislation forward:

  1. Fur farms are being closed internationally due to the threat of COVID-19 (as part of a One Health approach) and due to ongoing welfare issues. British Columbia is phasing out mink farming, and public surveying shows support for ending fur farming in Canada across jurisdictions and political boundaries. Will you support legislation to end fur farming in Ontario?
  2. As development sweeps across Ontario, will you support legislation and policy that allows municipalities or developers to bypass environmental impact studies?
  3. The Fish & Wildlife Conservation Act clearly states that wildlife killing contests and incentivizing are illegal; however, the government allowed a coyote killing contest with prizes. What steps will you take to ensure that such laws are actively enforced?
  4. Trapping regulations in Ontario require updating to protect the many users accessing recreational areas from trapping. Due to a lack of required signage and setbacks, pets and non-target animals are routinely caught in leg-hold, body-gripping and snare-type traps. Will you support policy that creates protections for all who recreate in nature and not just special interest groups?
  5. How will you prioritize the climate crisis and environmental needs over or with those of industry?

To register to vote in Ontario, find your riding and candidates, and get more information about the June 2, 2022 election in Ontario visit

Remember to be polite, straight-forward, and provide citations as they’re needed. Did you have a successful conversation with a candidate? Let us know by emailing or commenting on one of our social media channels!

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