Radical activists: what is the government really afraid of?

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We are radical activists. At least, according to our government we are.

Our educational programs, outreach, solution-based co-existence measures and awareness campaigns are a direct threat to Canadians. At least, according to the government, they are.

It’s becoming clear that the government, under the leadership of Harper’s Conservative Party, are afraid. But we’re not entirely sure of what they’re afraid.

In public statements, Manitoba MPP Robert Sopuck has said that the NDP has a radical animal rights agenda (for wanting animals to not be considered property). He called The Fur-Bearers radical animal rights activists for working with the RCMP to find a fur-free alternative to their winter hats.

A leaked report from the RCMP indicates the national police are considering those who oppose pipelines or the tar sands to be “criminal extremists.”

Charities and NGOs are being targeted when they oppose the government, with threats of audits or a loss of charitable status.

And Bill C-51, an anti-terror law with broad definitions, could lump anyone who disagrees with government priorities in with violent terrorist groups such as ISIS.

We understand that there are real terrorism threats against our country. We understand that some of them fall under the title of eco-terrorism. But the vast majority of those who oppose the exploitation of our environment through the energy sector or the inherently inhumane actions against animals are not violent. They are not threats to stability or our way of life. In fact, like The Fur-Bearers, they want to see our country prosper without harming others (be they human or non-human animals) in any way, shape or form.

So that leaves the question: what is the government really afraid of? Maybe, for once, they’re realizing the majority of the population does not support their platform. And, maybe they’re trying to win an election before it has started.

We won’t be telling you who to vote for in this year’s federal election. But we will be telling you about these stories. And it’s up to every single one of us to get out and vote – and maybe then, a new government won’t have to be afraid.

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