Repurpose Your Fur and go Fur-free

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Have Fur? Here’s the best ways to get rid of it.

Fur has been in fashion for many years, and many of us may have ended up with fur in our wardrobes. Sometimes this is fur trim on a sweater, and sometimes this is an entire coat that may have been our grandmothers. Follow these best practices when getting rid of these items and make your wardrobe – and your home – fur free.

Remove fur from your articles and garments

Having fur trim removed can result in a perfectly good, wearable article of clothing. Contact a local tailor about removing any fur and repairing the piece to be as good as new. Remember to ask for the fur trim back so that you can make sure to either donate or dispose of it in the ways described below.

Donate fur to an animal rescue center

Though it might seem like a good idea to give articles to vintage or thrift shops, keeping fur in circulation simply promotes the idea of fur as fashionable. Instead, donate the fur trim to a wildlife rehabilitation center. Fur mimics the feel and warmth of a young animal’s lost mother, and can aid in recovery when used as bedding for orphaned or injured wildlife.

There are many places throughout North America that can accept your fur articles. A quick online search for a wildlife rescue or rehabilitation center in your area will reveal options for donating your fur. Make sure you call before you visit to make sure they are able to accept fur.

Donate fur to animal protection group or museum

These groups can often find a beneficial use for fur – sometimes it will be used in a fur protest campaign, and other times in an educational display. A local museum may also be able to use fur in a display.

Consider a fur burial

Some people feel better to have a small ceremony and simply put the fur to rest. Find a place where it is acceptable to hold a small ceremony and bury the fur.


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